Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bear Creek Campgrounds!

Hey Down Home Friends,
We decided to take a little trip to celebrate a birthday and celebrate the last weekend of summer. Although we didn't travel far from home, it still was a nice getaway after a long and stressful week. Bear Creek campgrounds on Benbrook Lake in Texas is a perfect little spot to escape to. Even though this campground is "no frills" it still is a favorite of mine due to the location and the privacy.
We always reserve the same spot. Our spot has plenty of room, a great view and it is peaceful and quiet. And there is great reception here for watching a game or snapping pictures and posting them online. Most of the time when we camp here the campgrounds are not full. It is nice to be able to carry your kayak to the edge of the water from your campsite.
Even though this is a "no frills" campground there are plenty of places to walk and bike ride. I was amazed to see a butterfly nest in a few different trees and was surprised at the amount of butterflies there were. It wasn't hard to snap a quick picture before they flew away. Each time we passed the nest we took another look.
On one of our many bike rides we were able to spot an armadillo. I was lucky enough to snap a few pictures. He actually let us get pretty close and take as many pictures as we wanted. There is plenty of space to bike ride and just look at nature along the way.
The weekend went by way too fast. I wanted to stay. Such a peaceful place to relax and rejuvenate for a hectic week ahead. Until next time...

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Ouachita National Forest

Hey Down Home Friends,
Normally I am out and about traveling the roads of Texas whenever we get a chance but this summer we decided to go to Arkansas. We were excited to see another part of the world and especially excited to be in a national forest.

Knowing that we could not make reservations to camp within the national forest because it is a first come and first served campground, we decided to make reservations nearby. Lucky for us, just by chance, on our first day there we were able to find a campsite within the national forest. We made our home at the Charlton Recreation Area. This area is located just 20 miles from Hot Springs.

Our campsite was large, lush and well maintained just like the entire park. I swear we never wanted to leave because it was just so picturesque.

There were plenty of things to do to keep us busy during our stay. Lots of great places to kayak nearby, bike riding and walking through the forest are just a few. I think my favorite might have been walking in the forest and just listening to the sounds of nature.

But quite honestly, the campfires were my favorite. Seeing the stars through the trees in the forest by campfire light was just what I needed.

There are plenty of things to do around the area. I think the highlight of the trip was horse riding through the forest. Mountain Harbor Riding Stables is the one to check out if you are in the area. The people who own the business were so friendly and accommodating. It was definitely a scenic ride through the Ouachita Mountains.

The horses were beautiful and so gentle. it honestly was a ride I will never forget. And something I look forward to again. I had such a great experience I am already looking forward to a return trip to do it just one more time.

But the next time we are going to also try the carriage ride. I just can't wait.

There are several rock shops to find a local treasure...or a few.

There were so many places and vistas along the highway to take great pictures. This one reminded me of home...

The observation tower in Hot Springs National Park is something to check out. A great place for pictures. The gift shop has lots of interesting things to help remember your trip.

And while you are in the area, a riverboat cruise is a nice way to end the day.

With so many things to see and do I think I left a piece of my heart in Arkansas but Texas will always be home...

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Internet On The Go!

Hey Down Home Friends,
So thankful for this time of year to get out and explore a little more of Texas that I have yet to discover. And you can bet I am not going anywhere without some sort of connection. I use my phone a lot but I also take my Surface Pro to get a little work done when we are traveling. Years ago I wasn't sure really how this was possible but it is really very simple. And I get asked this question a lot believe it or not. My service provider is AT&T. A very nice customer service representative told me about tethering. Although I had recently heard of it, I wasn't quite sure just how it worked. She actually sent me directions by email. I was shocked at how easy it really was. I was happy that I also had everything I needed to get it going right away.
Connect your device to the USB port. I used my phone charging cable.
On your phone look for your utilities tab.
Go to settings.
Turn ON your personal hotspot.
Now connect your computer or device to the internet.
And that is it.
When you are finished with your work just remember to turn OFF your hotspot.
I have used this little system for several years now and have had no problem. And it is safe and secure. I have never been charged any additional fees by AT&T. If you are a customer you can call and ask them about tethering before you start. This will eliminate searching for networks to connect to. I am always on the hunt for ideas and hacks to make camping trips fun. I have run across numerous articles and posts about other more complicated or expensive methods. For my family this is the most secure, reliable and inexpensive way to connect on the go. You do have to have an internet signal for it to work. Very few places we have been have poor signal but it does at times happen.

Now all you have to worry about is that perfect camping breakfast.
Happy Trails!

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