Saturday, June 1, 2019

Fiesta Camp!

Hey Down Home Friends,
Although the weather has been a little bit unpredictable we were still able to get out for a weekend and camp at Lake Ray Roberts State Park and enjoy the sunshine for a day or two. This trip was defiantly fiesta inspired as we brought along some homemade gorditas to start our trip off right. 
Right before we left I found these adorable plates at Pier 1 and had to have them for the trip. They are perfect because they are melamine and break resistant. Although they are in the Aloha section, I can't help but look at them and think of a fiesta. When we camp we like to cook but sometimes time does not allow for it so the gorditas did double duty for breakfast topped with eggs and cheese and later for a mid afternoon lunch. 
When going to Ray Roberts State Park, you will find tons of paved trails perfect for long walks or bike rides. I think this is my favorite part about the park because I know I will be able to hit the trails for a long ride. This time there were plenty of wildflowers to look at and take pictures of along the trails. 
One thing is for sure, I never have to worry if I will have company on the trails because my dogs love to walk and ride the trails as much as I do. At the park, you can camp, hike, bike, ride your horse, rollerblade, geocache or go backpacking. On the water, you can swim at one of the beach areas (no lifeguards on duty), paddle, or wet a hook in the kids’ fishing pond or the lake. Or enjoy quieter pursuits:  photography, nature watching, or simply relaxing! Take a virtual tour with the interactive trails map.

Photo Credit Lake Ray Roberts State Park

With so much to do it is worth the trip to the park. In fact, it is our go to place because there always is a spot available and you just can't beat the trails. Although we did not have time for kayaking this park is one of my favorites for that too and there always is a next time!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Take Me To A Picnic!

Hey Down Home Friends,
Even before school was over for the summer I started longing for a little getaway picnic. I just could not get it off my mind. Over Memorial Day weekend, while on a camping trip, I spotted the cutest picnic blanket at Walmart online. 
For just under $10 this was my starting point for my picnic plans. I was not sure when or where I would go but I was going to be picnic ready for sure. And while I was shopping I ran across a few other things to get in the spirit.

I started to get excited about my outside adventure and decided to make a bag and carry this idea along with me on a camping trip. So I decided I had to grab a few more things to get this getaway picnic on it's way...
And considering I have almost all of the table setting taken care of, I knew I was ready to start thinking about what to eat. I thought it would be perfect to recreate Honey Lime Skewers that I had made once before. It is an easy recipe to make ahead and prepare for the grill. 
This is the recipe I have used and have had great success with. Now all I have to do is figure out when and where the picnic will actually be!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bear Creek Campgrounds!

Hey Down Home Friends,
We decided to take a little trip to celebrate a birthday and celebrate the last weekend of summer. Although we didn't travel far from home, it still was a nice getaway after a long and stressful week. Bear Creek campgrounds on Benbrook Lake in Texas is a perfect little spot to escape to. Even though this campground is "no frills" it still is a favorite of mine due to the location and the privacy.
We always reserve the same spot. Our spot has plenty of room, a great view and it is peaceful and quiet. And there is great reception here for watching a game or snapping pictures and posting them online. Most of the time when we camp here the campgrounds are not full. It is nice to be able to carry your kayak to the edge of the water from your campsite.
Even though this is a "no frills" campground there are plenty of places to walk and bike ride. I was amazed to see a butterfly nest in a few different trees and was surprised at the amount of butterflies there were. It wasn't hard to snap a quick picture before they flew away. Each time we passed the nest we took another look.
On one of our many bike rides we were able to spot an armadillo. I was lucky enough to snap a few pictures. He actually let us get pretty close and take as many pictures as we wanted. There is plenty of space to bike ride and just look at nature along the way.
The weekend went by way too fast. I wanted to stay. Such a peaceful place to relax and rejuvenate for a hectic week ahead. Until next time...

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