Friday, May 16, 2014

A Wimberly Texas Getaway!

Hey Down Home Friends,
We finally made it to the cabin in the woods in Wimberly, Texas. It was long overdue but so worth the wait. As you can see we stayed in a quaint cabin and it was surrounded by the cypress trees. It was just the setting we were looking for. A little off the beaten path but just so peaceful to get away from it all. I just can't say enough about this little cabin. I swear it had everything. All you need are your clothes if you are going here. The best part of this get away is that we had no expectations or plans we just knew we were going. We didn't have a hard time figuring out what to do...
We just had to check out our surroundings before we decided to do anything else. And we even got in our first walk on the leash.
And once we finally got inside we discovered that our cabin wasn't too shabby! In fact, it was pretty cozy in there!
The cabin was charming and comfortable. And it had everything we needed for a weekend getaway. Wimberly has a quaint little town that you can see in a morning or afternoon trip. This was perfect for us to get out of the woods and do a little shopping.
I was able to pick up some vintage camping pans while we were out. Now when I use them I always remember the time were at the cabin in the woods. And it reminds me that we all need to take a break from the normal day to day and live a little bit of life!
When we returned we had a basket of snacks waiting for us.
And we were able to take a little break on the tiny front porch and get a better look at our surroundings.
And we had a chance to talk about a little bit of...nothing and then plan dinner. We were able to pick up steaks and vegetables in town and our cabin in the woods had a little grill so we were ready to go.
And I guess you can see we were not roughing it a bit! We had everything in that cabin provided for us even the tablecloth!
 I am not quite sure about what it is about being in the woods that makes you sleep so good or maybe it is the fact that we finally took some time to ourselves and took a break from the day to day routine. Needless to say that after a deep sleep I was actually up and awake before the roosters began to crow. It gave me a little time to sneak a peek at my computer and download some pictures from our getaway before starting breakfast.
The cabin had everything you could need for a breakfast in the woods. What is not to love here?
Even my helper had a good breakfast!
We had a lot of time for rest and relaxation in Wimberly. We were able to take in all the cabin and the little town had to offer in a long weekend but most important we were able to get away from the everyday routine of our day to day life. And on our way out we were able to make one last stop at a local antique shop.

And look who we found on our way out of town! He is all dressed up and ready for the holidays!   

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