Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stove Top Air Freshener!

Hello friends,
Well summer is officially here and things are cooking! Summer seems to be the time that teachers organize and think ahead. I guess most of us miss spring cleaning because that is such a busy time in our lives. Although I love an organized everything, I know for me it is hard to get started especially when you just want to get out and just play. I have been inspired by almost everything on Pinterest.  I have seen some great ideas and I just want to jump right in and get started but I realize that I will enjoy those projects a lot more if I am organized. My kitchen was first on the list. I love my kitchen. I am always in the kitchen but I am not always cooking food. My kitchen is my Science Lab, my Inspiration Station, my favorite Gathering Place and the heart of my home. My kitchen is the first place I go when I get home and sometimes my pantry holds tons of Kindergarten goodies. I knew I had to start in the pantry to reorganize my almost entire life. If I was ever going to have the chance to be creative again, I had to start there. I always try to make even the worst chores more enjoyable and this chore needed something to it to get me going in the right direction. I put on my best flip flops and gave this one a try.

Stove Top Air Freshener

Just put everything in the pot and boil. I never thought it would really make a difference. I loved the way it made the house smell. This kind of gave me a pick me up and soon I wanted to get busy and organize and clean that pantry. And wouldn't you know, I found some real treasures in there that I had forgotten.

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