Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hot and Spicy!

Hello Down Home Friends,
Nothing in this world describes my family more than hot and spicy. We just like it hot at home and the more the spice well...the better. And who can resist a table of family and friends and some good old chicken wings? Sometimes there is just not enough time to prepare chicken wings and you need a fix of hot and spicy goodness in a flash. I think I have found the recipe just for you. The key to this recipe is the wing sauce that is added. You really have to add your favorite and you have to know your intensity level before you make this recipe or you might start to feel like you are on an episode of Heat Seekers on Food Network.
 This recipe is so quick and simple that anyone can pull this off and if you need something to wash all this spicy goodness down how about some make ahead Mason Jar beverages? Something tells me lemonade would be great for these make ahead drinks. All you have left to do is invite your family and friends!

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