Thursday, June 7, 2018

Take Me To A Picnic!

Hey Down Home Friends,
Even before school was over for the summer I started longing for a little getaway picnic. I just could not get it off my mind. Over Memorial Day weekend, while on a camping trip, I spotted the cutest picnic blanket at Walmart online. 
For just under $10 this was my starting point for my picnic plans. I was not sure when or where I would go but I was going to be picnic ready for sure. And while I was shopping I ran across a few other things to get in the spirit.

I started to get excited about my outside adventure and decided to make a bag and carry this idea along with me on a camping trip. So I decided I had to grab a few more things to get this getaway picnic on it's way...
And considering I have almost all of the table setting taken care of, I knew I was ready to start thinking about what to eat. I thought it would be perfect to recreate Honey Lime Skewers that I had made once before. It is an easy recipe to make ahead and prepare for the grill. 
This is the recipe I have used and have had great success with. Now all I have to do is figure out when and where the picnic will actually be!

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