Thursday, May 3, 2012

Seven Layer Dip!

Hello Friends,
It has been a busy week and not a lot of time for anything but work. We have had a lot of fun celebrating Cinco de Mayo at school and finishing up on lots of projects. Our annual events include making props for the lounge and stage and performing The Mexican Hat Dance. The picture above is from our table centerpiece from our luncheon. The mini donkey pinata was made by the fabulous Mrs. Gonzalez by hand. She makes these each year and they are my favorite. The donkeys remind me of the Cinco de Mayo celebration in Kindergarten and of all of the good times we have shared. There is just no way of looking at them without getting that good feeling. I will admit I had to sneak a few of these home with me...

Now that the celebrations are over at school I was thinking of what I wanted to make at home to celebrate. I remember my mother making Seven Layer Dip when I was a child. I used to love that dip. I searched on the internet for a recipe that was as close to what my mom made for us. I like the way these are prepared in small cups and thought they would be perfect for company. I have also seen this dip inside Mason jars and I thought it would be perfect for making ahead. Click on the picture above to take you to the recipe. The only change to that recipe that I would make would be to add some lettuce!

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