Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Out And About!

Hey Friends,
If you are in or around San Marcos, Texas you might want to stop in Centerpoint Station. I was traveling this weekend to a conference and thought on my way to San Antonio it might be fun to stop in San Marcos for a little shopping while I stretched my legs. And as luck would have it, one wrong turn and I found myself at Centerpoint station. And let me tell will be a tradition for sure. Such a cute place right off the highway. I knew walking up to the front doors I was in the right place. Centerpoint is located right across from the outlet mall in San Marcos. And I am sure glad I found this first because I feel like I hit the jackpot!
First of all, after traveling across Texas, you might be hungry and a little thirsty. They have got you covered. Go ahead eat the best burger in town and grab your drink and dessert to go because I am sure that you will be thinking about shopping just like me... And across the street all those restaurants are super busy and the wait might be long. I swear you won't be sorry if you decide to eat at Centerpoint. And I have to admit I got so excited about the shopping that I forgot dessert if you can believe that. So when I go back I am sure going to grab something from that bakery. The cinnamon rolls and bread looked and smelled amazing.
When you finish eating and having a good time it is time to start thinking about shopping... I think that is my favorite part. I was kind of surprised to browse around and find Vera Bradley bags galore!!! Can you imagine? Friends, it only gets better. There was a sign that said 50% off!!! So, in my true teacher spirit I had to make the plunge into my first Vera Bradley shopping event and boy was it an event. I think the other customers could see the frenzy in my eyes.
And my all time favorite... a case for my 17 inch laptop! I think I am still in love.
Whew, my head is still twirling from the excitement. So much fun in such a small amount of time. I guess it doesn't take much... So here is the secret. Centerpoint is going to start closing out their Vera Bradley so if you are in the area get there quick BUT don't worry if you can't. Vera Bradley has an outlet store across the street. So, eat and shop at centerpoint and grab your dessert to go and then head across the highway to the outlet mall to get your Vera Bradley at outlet prices. I swear it is a win-win situation no matter how you look at it!

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  1. Wow, I would for sure get the laptop case :)

    Also Mrs. C I have been looking to buy some rugs lately.. do you or anyone know any sites?
    I've heard about Any experiences there? :)


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