Friday, January 10, 2014

Sweet Saturday Mornings!

Hey Down Home Friends,
After a long and dreary week in the cold and rain I am now turning my thoughts to a sweet Saturday morning. Oh, the thought of sleeping in and waking up to one of my favorite Christmas gifts...the Keurig mini. I just can't express how much I love this little machine. This can make any dreary morning seem a little brighter no matter if the sun is shining or not. Not only do I love the size of this miracle maker but I love that anybody and everybody gets exactly what they want with just a push of the button.
So, what's in my cup? I think my all time favorite is the sugar free apple cider. You get the good flavor without any guilt and that is the best part. I really can't decide if caramel apple is my favorite or if the spiced cider is with a splash of cranberry juice. Either way it warms you up and gets you going. But you know the Keurig is never short on variety and there is always something new to try.
I have to admit, salted caramel hot chocolate is not bad either especially on a lazy Saturday morning. Lucky me, even a non coffee drinker can enjoy a red Keurig too!
And you know the rooster will crow and stir up the morning hunger especially when there is a little more time than a workday morning. And if you are not feeling like the fuss and muss of a all out breakfast, the breakfast sandwich maker is the way to go. You have tons of variety here too. You can make the best egg or egg white breakfast sandwiches in minutes. This is another one of those things that everyone can get exactly what they want! I love it because everybody is happy and content. I guess the best part is that all I have to do is gather the supplies and set up a breakfast bar and we are good to go. I mean hey, life is busy. I would rather have time to talk about the week or weekend instead of  washing pots and pans especially if the sun is shining.

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