Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Dirty Laundry & Life!

 Hey Down Home Friends,
This kind of makes me laugh...airing my dirty laundry but I am willing to give it a go before I change my mind. Recently my life changed quite a bit. I went from one dog to three puppies in what seems like a blink of an eye. Nonetheless, life has changed around my house. In the middle of all the excitement and joy, I found myself taking deep breaths and saying to myself...and then there were three or maybe and then there were THREE! Early on I knew I had to get my gear together if I was going to survive...three puppies. Who was I kidding, it is now a  kennel in my house! How in the world did this happen? So, I made a list of essentials and got to shopping online.
Ok, call me crazy but my first favorite of this little laundry room repurposed into a puppy room is the vintage Vera Bradley dog carrier I found this on eBay. I love this to pieces. Two small puppies tucked inside and you are off on your way to Operation Vaccination in a flash. That fabulous plan worked once or until puppy three came into my life. Puppy three was the bonus and not planned for but neither was puppy two, so who really is counting anyway? Puppy three has his own story... So puppy three got his own vintage Vera bag and he now goes along for the ride too! He is never far from my side anyway so it kind of works and I got another purse. I call this a win-win situation. Now to the magnetic paper towel holder. I found this fabulous find on Amazon. Oh my, what is not to love here? No tools needed and no holes in the wall. And now nobody is asking where in the world the paper towels are in this part of the house. And last, my Joss and Main crates. I love getting those Joss and Main emails. I love how everything is categorized. And the crates I found are perfect for holding all kinds of supplies. The signs you see pictured are all from Hobby Lobby. I threw those in the basket when shopping for organization stuff because I figured I might need a little positive vibe in the room since I now run a mini kennel out of my tiny laundry room. It made logical and perfect sense at the time...
On the day I was shopping at Hobby Lobby for some containers, bins, baskets or crates for the new room,  I kept thinking to myself I needed to make things as easy as possible if I was going to survive with three puppies. I might have felt like a new mother in a way. I was trying to think of anything and everything to make things just perfect and to help me survive a very busy and full life and now three new little additions. I prayed a little while I was in the store and wondered if I had taken on just a little too much with three... But I remembered that sometimes you just have to go with your heart and make the most of what you have. And what I now had was a busy and bustling new house full of life and love. Sometimes you just go with your gut and pray for the best and that is what I did. As I was shopping, I ran across the quote above on a sign. It made me think...maybe things were just meant to be and having three was in the plans for me all along.
And now in my house these three remain...
Here is a little faith...we call her K.C

Here is a little hope...we call him Cain.
Here is a little love...we call him Cash.
And just when you think you have it all figured out life throws you another curve ball... As I set my new container of detergent on the washer and ran a load of jeans, I heard a loud noise coming from the laundry room. I was hoping and praying that the magnetic paper towel holder didn't fall off and break during the extra spin cycle. Much to my surprise, I went in to find a large puddle of blue washing detergent on the floor and three white, black and blue dogs, oh me, oh my! The stack of clean beach towels waiting for vacation hit the floor fast and I scooped up some soapy puppies and quick. As I slipped and slid and balanced those puppies to the bathtub, I kind of had to laugh even though I wanted to cry. I now had a big, hot mess of a problem and I was all ready for vacation to begin. I shoved that soapy, drippy mess of towels into the washer and set it on the longest setting just praying that the bubbles would be contained inside the washer. I tried to block out the image of some I Love Lucy episode and just kept going. I was in my own episode!  And as the bubbles brewed inside the washer, that never seems to die, I gave those puppies the bath of their life. And as I looked down at those three little puppies I knew it somehow was just meant to be... So now you know why the shelf between the washer and dryer holds the detergent! But I saved the best for last! The light sitting on top of the shelf is hooked up to a plug in that is sort of like a clapper. I have a remote for this. So, with just a click the light can be turned on or off. So when the light clicks on it is time to get up and out and when it clicks off it's quiet time. These remotes plug into any outlet and turn it in to whatever on a remote. Boy the fun I had with these at Christmas. And you can plug a three plug extender into it and have three things plugged in to this this to pieces. I saw these at Costco and bought it on Amazon. So, a hand vac, a light and a candle warmer can be on one remote! Only time will tell if the washer survives the mountain of bubbles we put it through. But until then me and my crew will just have to make do!

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