Saturday, July 14, 2012

Make Ahead And Stay In Bed!

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Good Morning Friends,
I think my favorite meal is brunch. I have always been that way. There is just something to be said for a rush free start to any day that sounds wonderful. What I love even better is a recipe that allows you to make it ahead and enjoy it the next day on your own time. These recipes come in handy when life gets a little busy. In my family, I am kind of known for brunch and breakfast casseroles. If I am going to host anything with my extended family, I always want it to be brunch. And because of that, I am always on the hunt for a new recipe to try. In fact, I try out brunch recipes the entire year so that when Christmas comes around I am ready for Christmas brunch with the best recipes. I have always loved Gooseberry Patch Cookbooks and Recipes so I am giving this one a try with a couple of variations.
Part of my love for all things brunch is my love of dishes. I get this from my mom. I was inspired by the dishes above from Gooseberry Patch that I cannot locate. I think I might have been drawn to the colors or the market feel of the dishes. They reminded me of some of my favorite glasses I always use for brunch. These market glasses are treasured items in my kitchen from Williams Sonoma one of my favorite cooking stores.
As I was out shopping for school supplies, I found some cute dishes that were on sale at Target and I knew they would be perfect for my next brunch. Although they are not ceramic, I already have red dishes that I knew I could mix and match them with. I was able to find some other dishes while I was there and I just had to sneak them in too. Mixing and matching different patters and pieces makes me happy. Believe it or not, even in this busy life, we still set the table and we still eat together. I am thankful that I have had that experience literally my whole life.
Alright, the breakfast casserole is snuggled right there in the refrigerator and the table is all set. I am ready for brunch the night before. What a great way to wake up on a sunny Saturday morning!

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