Wednesday, March 5, 2014

On The Road!

Hey Down Home Friends,
On the road again. Well, in search of a travel trailer. I thought it would be easy and I thought it would be simple but I have learned that it just isn't. Things on the internet are not exactly what they seem and size is really hard to visualize until you are right there in person. Although this small  Casita is darling, it isn't the right fit for me and my family so quickly we turned to a little bit larger camper and took a look around.
But you can see they have everything you need in a tiny little space.
And the dining room just makes you want to go camping, right? Believe it or not you do not feel cramped in here but you would really have to see it to believe it.
I even got a chance to test out one of the beds and it was comfy.
They even have some nice storage areas all tucked out of the way just waiting for fun camping gear.
We had to make a pit stop to talk and take it all in. So many things to consider and think about. And on our way home wouldn't you know we passed several more RV dealers. Never once noticed those signs before. I guess camping is on my mind. A little escape from the everyday routine, a little nature and a little fun could do a girl some good. Let's be honest, I am ready to or like yesterday! But looking can sometimes be fun, right? So, we are on the road again and off to find the travel trailer that fits our family the best. Who knows what we will end up with!
Some of us don't need that much space!  

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