Monday, December 22, 2014


Welcome Down Home Friends,
One of my favorite Christmas memories growing up was the year we had a cookie cutter tree. I guess my mom had a way with making Christmas memorable. Someone mentions the cookie cutter tree every single year because it was just that special. Each time we get together at Christmas, someone mentions it. I loved that tree as a child and I still carry on that as a tradition in my own home today. If you know me I am never far from any spool of gingham ribbon...ever. I have spools and spools of it to tie my little life together. It is one of those small things that keeps me grounded in my roots. It reminds me of my earliest days and of childhood memories.
 With just a little gingham ribbon, the cookie cutters were hung on the tree. And that year we even got multi colored lights. I still can see it in my mind just like it was yesterday.
Many years after that tree my sister gave me the cookie cutters that my great grandmother used to make cookies. It has to be one of the best gifts I have ever received. I keep those in a special tin nestled on my baker's rack. I guess in my own way I keep those little traditions alive in my home still today.

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