Monday, December 22, 2014


Welcome Home,
I have collected Christmas anything for all of my adult life. It is difficult at times to narrow down a favorite because there are many and for many different reasons. I always seem to want all of my favorites out each year. But this year I seem to be drawn to the color combination of red, white and black. There is just something about the black that I love. Black just makes everything better.
This color combination makes me think of the Christmas dishes I got years ago from my mother. I have always loved these dishes and can't wait to get them out each year. And even though this pattern is retired, I can still find pieces to it through a company called Replacements. Replacements is the best place to find those hard to find pieces to just about any retired set of dishes. If you sign up and register your pattern you will get notifications when new pieces are found. No more internet searches that lead to nowhere. You can even register to get notifications for pieces for other people which is a great gift giving idea at any time of the year. You can purchase items and tuck them away for birthdays and holidays. Who wouldn't love getting that treasured piece to replace a missing one?

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