Thursday, July 23, 2015

The Value Of Mindless Creativity!

 Hey Down Home Friends,
I just couldn't wait for summer to begin because I had plans to make something or just anything just for fun. As soon as school was out I went right back to work for a couple of weeks and my craft plans got put on the back burner. Once I had the time to get a little creative I couldn't figure out what I wanted to create. The truth is, I have had a long dry spell with no creativity and I wasn't sure if I would ever break the cycle. On a trip to Hobby Lobby I ran across this premade banner. I liked parts of it and kept going back to look at it. Considering I could never jump start my creative juices with a solid plan like normal I decided to just create something on a whim without any real direction. Why not, what could it hurt? Resisting the urge to plan everything out, I decided on the grab and go method. I grabbed the banner and started grabbing embellishments resisting the urge to plan it in my head.
 I honestly started second guessing myself for buying a project I didn't plan for or think though. But as it turns out it was a perfect project because all I had to do was hot glue the items on the banner and tie some ribbon. It honestly was a perfect project to get me thinking creatively. All I had to concentrate on was the element of design and placement of the pieces.
I kind of got lost in thought.
Once I had finished I hung it up and looked at it. It was easy and simple but most of all it helped me to recharge my thinking. It made me wonder if kids feel the same way. I remember the value of creativity as a child.
I craved creativity and it was critical for me to have that outlet.
As a young child I knew creativity was important in my life. It is sad that there isn't much time for creativity in school today. I started thinking of ways I could change that for my class this coming year. Really creativity is part of problem solving too. The process of creativity is far more valuable than the actual product. The process of creating something and just getting lost in the process turned out to be just what I needed. It got my mind recharged and ready to start thinking of my goals and plans for the coming year. You could say it was money well spent.
  Once I hung it up I decided it would go in my tiny trailer across the window. It has plenty of space left on it to glue trinkets found on my travels around Texas. And if I decided I didn't like it I knew I could rip it apart and start again! The good news is that once this project was complete I knew my creative dry spell was over and ever since then I have been...moving on!

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  1. I really admire your creative designs. Hope to see more in coming days.
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