Saturday, February 6, 2016

Is It Camping Season Yet?

Hey Down Home Friends,
Is it camping season yet? I just want to know just how long it will be before we get to go! Finally the days are getting a little longer and we are getting closer to the time change, so it is prime time to dust off your gear and get ready for the next adventure. I will admit that camping does take a little bit of thought and preparation and it can seem like a chore just to get out and have a good time but being prepared can make or break a trip.
Considering one of my responsibilities is the food for our trips, I have had to find ways to make this chore a little more palatable. Lord knows trying to figure out a family meal plan on a Thursday night after a long week is just no fun at all. So to conquer the camping meal woes, I start planning for our trips well in advance of any trip.

On an ongoing basis, I pin recipes and camping ideas as I find them. That way when I am busy and trying to prepare for a trip, I have a place to find those go to ideas and recipes. We camp a lot so new and fresh ideas are always fun to try out and it keeps it interesting. When we shop we shop for our regular groceries and always buy things for the next trip to freeze. Before things are put away after a trip to the store, things are clearly marked as camping food. If multiple items are needed for one trip they are put in a bag together in the freezer. Additionally, I always have a box in the pantry that holds camping dry goods. I buy it when I am out and put it in the box waiting for the next trip. And lastly, we always have our pantry stocked in the camper with foods that require nothing to prepare like soups. This way if we get the itch to run out the door without any time to prepare, we have the basics to survive on!
Happy Trails!

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