Sunday, April 10, 2016

Birthday Brunch!

Hey Down Home Friends,
I came across this great recipe when I was searching around for some inspiration for a make ahead birthday brunch recipe that I could make and take with me for a little celebration on the road. I am a huge fan of brunch and I always love a recipe that is easy to transport and can be made ahead because I am a night owl which probably has a lot to do with loving brunch so much.
Sausage and Veggie Casserole by Jimmy Dean sounded like a winner to me. I knew using the basic recipe I could modify it a little for my family and it could be easily prepared in advance and transported one of two ways. You can assemble it ahead of time and bake the next morning or you could make and bake it and heat it up as needed when you are on the run. And it would go perfectly with some fresh fruit that I can pick up anywhere.
The small pyrex dishes are perfect for dividing up the recipe and making one immediately and freezing one for later. Or in my case a small dish fits perfectly in a small oven in my little trailer. You can easily transport any of these dishes in the cooler bag or in an actual cooler. And I love the fact that they fit in my teeny, tiny trailer refrigerator.
With the food part of my birthday brunch taken care of I was ready to think about the decorations. Instead of paper party goods I always opt for things I can mix and match and use more than once. And as soon as I saw these Pioneer Woman linens at Walmart I just couldn't get them out of my mind. When I finally fell in love with was over for me.
And the best part about this combination is that I can combine it with my favorite color. I ordered these and a few other things from the Pioneer Woman Collection from Walmart because it is hard to find the exact pieces in the store because they sell out fast. The tablecloth was a great price at $14 and the napkins were $10 for 8 which anyone can tell you that is a fantastic price for 8 cloth napkins. I even picked up the teal napkin set...go figure. 

And it all matches with my camping dishes! So once it is time to go I will be looking forward to a day without an alarm and a brunch on my own time while feeling the spring breeze and listening to the sweet sounds of spring.

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